About Us

You can’t put a price on being a parent — it’s the most precious gift money can’t buy. Entering into parenthood is hard. You can read about it, you can think about it, you can even see your friends go through it, however becoming a parent is something you truly need to experience to appreciate it.

After having children, most families find themselves tightening their financial belts in order to pay for all the extras that come with little ones.

Nothing can fully prepare you for being a parent, but it’s possible to avoid some rookie mistakes through Babieshark and help the mommies world and your wallet in the process.

While being on a budget isn’t always easy (or fun), it’s a fact of life for most moms and dads. We truly understand how it’s feel and thus we start up Babieshark for parents that looking onto budget products without compromising on the quality of the baby products.

Being a parent is the most challenging job we will ever undertake and so hopefully, this insightful startup could lessen much burden of new parenthood brings……